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2022 Board Nominations

What do the Board Members Do?

And which position is right for you?

1st Vice President

The main responsibility of this position is to identify and schedule quarterly speakers, as well as coordinate sponsors as needed.  They are responsible for obtaining speaker bios, headshots, and presentation summaries and sharing these with the 2nd Vice President and Corresponding Secretary as early as possible.

2nd Vice President

This position is responsible for the publicity of the association.  This includes maintaining our website, social media accounts, and publishing a quarterly newsletter.  Knowing HTML is not necessary to maintain the site.  This position will have access to our Canva Pro account.

Recording Secretary

This position is responsible for keeping a record of all board meetings and supplying written minutes to the board before/at the beginning of the subsequent board meeting for approval.  This position also heads the Elections Committee and conducts the elections starting with nominations in October and elections in November.  We have templates and examples available, if needed.

Corresponding Secretary

This position handles communication with our membership and maintains our gmail account.  They also provide a quarterly membership report that shows how many active members we have, how many of those members are also NALTA members, and how many of those NALTA members list us as their local chapter.


This position maintains our budget and expenses.  The Treasurer cross-references the membership report with our account statements to verify that all membership payments are accounted for.  They are responsible for paying all association expenses and reimbursing approved expense reports.  They provide financial records to our CPA.

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